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The real transformation is from a Product-Centric Economy to an Experience Economy. Are you Ready?

JCurve Digital, is a growth consultancy, helping companies across the globe, successfully commercialize digitally-enabled business models that create excellent experiences and deliver profitable growth.

Our Point of View

Notice we didn’t say the words "digital transformation” once in that statement? That’s because we think it’s an over-used, over-hyped term and not the real priority. Our belief is that people, are the real priority.  And accordingly, we see the real transformation as one that will shift us from a feature/function, product-centric economy (read “low value”), to a high-value, experience economy.  (Check out our blog with plenty of examples of companies that have successfully made the shift or started with a people-first mindset).


The real question is how do you drive transformation and shift a product or commodity focused organization to an experience company? 

What worked then...

It’s not easy, and it's not just a matter of creating some cool product and mobile app experience or building a SaaS platform. The same commercial processes and approaches that served you well as a product company will not work as an experience company. Commercializing new business models, is already a daunting task, but trying to deploy a model that's filled with people-centric experiences and complex touch-points, varying needs, a changing workforce, complicated partnerships, privacy regulations and an ever-changing technology landscape,  is a tall order. 

But what’s the alternative? Failing to embrace the shift may render you irrelevant in the eyes of your customers. And becoming irrelevant is the #1 concern we hear from our clients today.

Our Solutions 

That's where we come in. Once you have mentally embraced the shift, we can apply our “Integrated Commercial Excellence” solutions and expertise, to help you successfully transform your commercial organization from a product-centric focus to an experience focused commercial powerhouse, ready to develop and deliver compelling new solutions that address the right needs and experiences for your target audiences.  

Our Difference

We  leverage our unique blend of capabilities, expertise and AI-enriched tool-set, to integrate and optimize (and even execute for you if you like) from market discovery all the way to sales execution and back again.  Word of warning, we tend to blow up silos and remove friction along this path, putting in place a carefully blended “customer thread” that connects the organization to create transparency, collaboration, agility, speed and moreover an unmitigated focus on customer needs and preferences, no matter where you sit on that value chain. 

In the end, we believe it's about people focused on the right things, and doing them right that will "get growth real” for you in this emerging experience economy! 

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Integrated Commercial Excellence - Specific Capabilities

End-to-End Capabilities

JCurve Digital's specific capabilities can be delivered individually or as an end to end solution.  These offering "bubbles" above comprise our Integrated Commercial Excellence solution portfolio, and they help focus everyone across the commercial value chain on Customer Needs & Customer Experience. 

Our special "glue" i.e. proprietary offering runs through the entire commercial value chain from market discovery to sales execution, and back to ensure every part of the organization is tightly integrated and working together to drive growth (faster). 

Established through qualitative and quantitative insights initially discovered in the Market Discovery phase, this “glue” helps connect everyone and focus all stakeholders on what really matters, and helps us move from a product feature-function mode, to full experiences.  We close the loop by ensuring constant validation of customer needs and desired experience, and communicating back any net new needs or experience desires.  We believe this virtuous cycle and a customer needs/experience mindset will ensure integrated commercial excellence, and moreover REAL GROWTH! 

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Consulting Solutions

WHAT are you selling?


Not sure about your product mix?  Are your product offerings relevant, timely, credible and differentiated? Is there a real buyer and a real opportunity?  How big is it, and how fast is it growing? Do you have competitive features and functions? Are there gaps in your portfolio?  Do you have a buy/build/partner strategy to fill gaps? Do you have a road map? Do you have a solid new product introduction process? Are low margin products diluting everything?  Worse yet, is a bloated Product Portfolio eating away at margins?  Do you end of life products effectively?

According to an MIT study, firms that effectively manage their product portfolio experience 20% greater profitability.  

If you need help optimizing your product management function or actual help in market exploration, developing a focus and strategy, or designing the business and financial model, click the purple button to learn more about our Product Management Excellence Solutions.

Product Management Excellence Solutions

HOW are you selling it?


Someone once said, “cost cutting is not a growth strategy”.  

But a finely tuned and integrated marketing strategy, great PR & Branding support, precise persona targeting and messaging, the right marketing mix based on business goals, excellent content and campaigns, relentless measurement and monitoring, and an awesome customer experience across all channels, is a way to sustain growth and ultimately accelerate returns. 

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WHO is selling it for you?


According to Zig Ziglar “we are all born to win, but to be a winner you must  plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win”.  

Do you have the right channel/people to sell your solutions?  Are they well enabled, and have what they need at the click of a button, to be successful? Are they trained in your offerings, and the economic value they create? can they identify, position, differentiate and close?  Do they know how to build and manage a territory or a strategic account? Are they compensated in a way that drives the right behavior?    

Or is your entire business model digital and are you ready to take a customer from click to sale  in a "flat" and  seamless way?  

And are you ready for after-sale complexities of an online business model?

To learn more about our Sales Excellence Solutions click below.

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WHAT kind of experience are you delivering?


Over 85% of CEO's recently surveyed, indicated that the Customer Experience is a top or one of the top priorities for them, this fiscal year. 

And there's no wondering this new age of digital, consumer expectations are through the roof. Instant gratification, personalization, convenience, choice, and flexibility both during digital and human interactions are key to keeping customers coming back for more.  A compelling digital marketing front end, or interesting technology experience simply isn't enough any more. Your commercial value chain must be fully aligned behind that marketing front end to ensure every possible interaction is perfect.  And data and how you use have become critical to rounding out a physical experience, to ensure you have built trust and loyalty.   

Net/net we believe Data and your value chain must all be ready to go if you plan on delivering superb experiences.

Our human factors experts and their design toolkit, combined with our digital strategy experts and AI based toolkit, truly understand how to identify your customers' expectations, whether spoken or unspoken, and help you design a superior customer experience every time.  

To learn more about our "Experience Excellence" services, including our approach to driving the process, please feel free to reach out through the 

"Experiences Matter" button below.  And leave your customers mouth hanging open, every time you engage!   Because every time you deliver a great experience you not only delight your customer, you build equity straight into your brand. 

Experiences Matter - Learn how to create one

IS your commercial value chain working like a well-oiled machine?


Many studies have shown the negative impacts to productivity from poor communication and collaboration.  But what's coming into focus now, is that poor conditions on the inside, find their way to the outside and effect the desired customer experience.  

A silo'd or broken commercial value chain, where product people aren't talking to sales regularly, or marketing, and vice versa, is a recipe for disaster.

Our unique Integrated Commercial Excellence solutions, including our IceT  assessment, analyzes and evaluates the strength of twenty (20) key Commercial Excellence Threads that should be present and running through your commercial engine bringing people together on a common set of knowledge. 

A few examples of these threads are "VoC" and specific customer needs, pain points, drivers and opportunities. Another thread might be a consistent understanding of the competition, their strengths, weaknesses, positioning, etc.  Yet another, might be a clear and common understanding of your key differentiation, vision as a company and brand promise.

When team members operate from the same knowledge set, processes and use the same tools as well as an agreed upon way to measure success, the commercial engine will be strong and powerful, and in the best possible shape to deliver value to customers on one end and shareholders on the other.

To learn more about our Integrated Commercial Excellence solutions, including our 3-week Assessment, please contact us.   

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Client Success Stories


About Us


Our Beliefs - Our Vision

According to a McKinsey study, 60% of CEO's surveyed, expect 50% of their income to come from Technology enabled innovation, over the next three to five years. 

That's nice, but innovating is the easy part.  We believe execution and specifically commercial execution is the hard part, especially if you've never taken a digitally-enabled business model to market.  The supply chain feeding a digital business model might be drastically different, and deserves inspection. 

We ask the the question: Is your 'commercial engine' ready and fine tuned for this rapid-fire pace of  innovation? Are you ready to become part of the Experience Economy, and deliver entirely different experiences.

According to our field research, most product and commercial leaders agree - they are not ready.  In fact, most agree there is significant latency between the rate and volume of innovation, and their commercial teams' ability to absorb, respond and execute effectively, to deliver the expected growth and ROI goals of the (innovation) business case.

This is a problem.  A BIG PROBLEM.

Fortunately, JCurve Digital helps reduce latency and enables sustainable value creation, through a set of "integrated commercial excellence" solutions and upcoming AI-based/role- based market intelligence solutions, that provides everyone in the commercial value chain with consistent, yet meaningful market feedback - real-time!

From product strategy all the way to sales execution (regardless of distribution channel(s)), our solutions streamline and integrate the commercial value chain.  This helps reduce friction, misalignment and other factors that slow things down.  And we help create a repeatable model to drive growth in a sustainable way.  

Our vision:   To make sustainable growth a reality for our clients, through Integrated Commercial Excellence™.

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What we do

We deliver on the vision of helping companies create real and sustainable growth by providing our clients with Integrated Commercial Excellence™  solutions.  Our solutions help companies of all sizes; early stage companies who have great engineers, however lack the commercial experience to boost investor confidence, mature companies who have fragmented processes and too much friction that slows down time to market, and Private Equity firms at any stage of the JCurve, including due diligence, to ensure sustainable value creation with a target company is even possible.

Our mission is to help product and commercial leaders create a high velocity, highly effective "commercial value chain" that breaks down silo's between product managers, marketers and sales teams, to yield maximum growth and returns. Faster.   

In addition to optimizing your commercial engine and making it excellent, we are pleased to help you execute within any commercial area as well. 

Limited time offer: to help you assess your commercial value chain, please contact us for your free 2-day go-to-market assessment.

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Why we're different

We "know the ropes" of the commercial world from end to end, and have spent our collective careers creating and driving sustainable & profitable growth at small, medium and large enterprises.  

And, unlike other firms who focus solely on fixing one element of your commercial value chain, often times further entrenching silos, we have capabilities that go both deep into each commercial discipline and a proprietary methodology called iceT™ that goes wide, and across your entire commercial operation.  We obliterate silos and ensure optimal performance, speed and agility, end-to-end. 


Visit our Leadership page to learn more about our experience. 

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